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Frequently Asked Questions about Band


(In no particular order)



How much does it cost?


Instrumental music instruction is absolutely FREE! Your only expense will be to provide your child with an instrument in good working order and the Measures of Success Book 1. (Clarinet and saxophone players will also need reeds in order for the instrument to work.)


How does Band work into the School Day?


*Hybrid Schedule 


Instrumental music instruction will occur virtually and/or in person according to the designated phases of the Howell Township Schools Responsive Return Plan. The district is starting the school year in Phase 1 and band instruction will be done remotely during this phase. Your child will need to log into Schoology to complete the weekly assignments, as well as, be available and participate in additional forms of electronic communications.


Normal Format


The way Band works is that there be one Lesson day during the week, where they have a rotating lesson schedule. So for example, let’s say your child has their Band Lesson period 1 the first week, the next week they will have their Band Lesson period 2, the following week 3 will be period 3, etc. Lessons will never take place the same period 2 weeks in a row. The non-Band members go about their regular schedule.


Once a week, we have Big Band Rehearsals where the entire Band rehearses together. Rehearsals are the same time every week and Homeroom Teachers usually do not teach new material during that time so Band students do not miss out. In the end, your child will only be seeing me for 2 periods a week.



What instruments do you offer?


Howell Township offers instruction on Flute, Clarinet, ALTO Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, and Bell KIt Percussion.


What is the name of the book used in school?


Measures of Success



My child needs more reeds. What size do I get? Where can I get them?


4th graders should play on strength 2 1/2 reed.


5th graders should play on strength 2 ½ (or 3 by the end of the school year) reeds.


Reeds can be bought in any Music Store around town(Sweet Music Academy) or online. Rico is the perfect brand and usually the most inexpensive. 10 packs are recommended.



How do I get an instrument for my child?


You may buy, rent or borrow from any source. Please note that not all instruments available for purchase are QUALITY products.


If you choose to rent an instrument, I have rental information for your consideration. After you have made your selection, please fill out the form completely, including payment and either mail it to the company or, register online. All rental fees are to be paid directly to the store. Please do not send payments to the school. Arrangements have been made to have your child’s instrument delivered directly to the school.


If you intend to purchase an instrument from another source (i.e. internet, etc.) please consult me first so I can assist you in determining the quality of the product you are considering.



I have an instrument from {insert name of family member/friend/neighbor}. Could my child use that for Band?


Absolutely! If you have a question of where it is in proper working order, please email me and we’ll schedule a time when your child can bring it to school and I can look it over.


What are some examples of QUALITY instrument brand names?


  • Flute- Gemeinhardt, Yamaha, Bundy, Armstrong
  • Clarinet-Yamaha, Buffet, Bundy, Artley, Selmer, LeBlanc
  • Saxophone- Yamaha, Selmer, Bundy, King
  • Trumpet- Bach, Yamaha, King, Conn, Bundy
  • Trombone- Yamaha, King, Conn, Selmer
  • Percussion-Yamaha,  Pearl, Tama, Ludwig


***Please email me if you need more assistance.***



Do you have any tips for buying an instrument?


When shopping on the Internet, Amazon, and eBay, I find that over 90% of the instruments for sale are of low quality, without a known brand name, and prove to be a horrible choice.  Even brand name instruments are somewhat risky if you aren’t experienced at knowing what to look for.  DO NOT buy anything without a return policy.  


For starters, always avoid instruments that do not list a brand name.  Also, beware of all of the instruments that come in a variety of colors.  Avoid them at all cost!


Other enticing titles to avoid are: “Band Certified”  “Educator Approved”  “80% Off”   “90% Off”  “Professional Silver Trumpet” (but no recognizable brand listed) “Concert Quality”  “Bankruptcy Sale”  “New 2015 model”  “College Pro”.  If a band instrument claiming to be new has a buy-it-now price of $99.95…... I don’t need to say any more! Instruments are like buying cars. You get what you pay for.


****Please email me if you need more assistance!****




We own our child's instrument and it needs repair. Can you recommend a place?


Yes I can!  Please email me for details.




My child has expressed interest in private lessons. Can you recommend someone?


Why, yes- I can! Please email me for details.



I would like to speak with you, what is your phone number/extension?


I am in multiple buildings so the best way to get ahold of me is via email. Therefore, if you need to have a phone conversation with me- please email me with a time and number to contact you and I will do my best to contact you in a timely manner. My email is: [email protected]