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Health & Physical Education:  All students will apply fitness concepts and skills to develop and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Each student will work on the following fitness activities for 30 minutes a day:  Jogging, Curl Ups, Push Ups, Sit & Reach, Shuttle Run.  (online videos)

Physical Education Team Mission Statement




Our department is focused on introducing students to activities they can utilize throughout their lifetime to keep healthy and fit.  Students will be provided with the necessary skills needed to make responsible decisions about their own health, enjoyment,  social interaction and self esteem.  We aim to provide our students with the means and knowledge of a healthy and physically active lifestyle.  



Common Core Standards



2.5 Motor Skill Development: All students will utilize safe, efficient, and effective movement to develop and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.


2.5.A- Strategy


2.5.B- Motor skills and development


2.5.C- Sportsmanship, rules and safety


2.6: Fitness and Physical Education: All students will apply health-related and skill-related fitness concepts and skills to develop and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.  


2.6.A- Fitness and physical activity




Proper Attire Needed To Participate


* Sneakers


* Loose and comfortable clothing


* No jewelry which can cause any injury






Sportsmanship Quote to Follow



"Treat people the way you would like to be treated."



How can we demonstrate sportsmanship in class? 


- Playing fair


- Getting along with everyone


- Trying your best no matter the outcome


- Following the rules of the classroom and activities played


- Respecting all members of the gymnasium