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Third graders focus on fact families in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They continue developing strategies for multi-digit addition and subtraction problems. Learning multiplication facts through the 10s is a goal this year. Other third-grade skills include understanding large numbers in addition to working with small numbers using equivalent fractions. They continue the study of geometry, fractions and telling time.

Practical application of measurement skills includes weight and capacity with customary and metric units. Students perform probability experiments that provide information for analyzing data and predicting outcomes. Please click the following link to access the Pearson webpage. 



Through Reader's Workshop third grade reading comprehension skills taught include: understanding fiction and nonfiction reading selections, identifying main ideas, sequencing events, recalling details, making predictions, drawing inferences, and understanding cause-and-effect relationships.


Third graders continue to learn and practice the steps of the writing process. Peer conferencing is introduced as another revision technique. Proper grammar, spelling, and the mechanics of writing are taught to enable students to proofread and communicate more effectively.


 The social studies curriculum in third grade reviews the concept of community.