BOE Public Comment Email

A previously published email link for BOE public comment which was created during the beginning of the pandemic is archived and searchable on our website being that it is a component of our archived records of the BOE agendas and minutes from 2020-2021. That original public comment email address was retired and updated as of January 2022 and has been posted to the district website and agendas. The updated and active public comment email address as of January 2022 is [email protected] .

The public comment email address is published on our website under Board of Education > Board Meeting Participation page and contained within current BOE Agendas as of January 2022.

We apologize if this has caused confusion as you search the archived sections of our website.

NOTE: During the second public comment portion of the meeting, the public may email the board at a designated email address, and the comment will be read into the record. Please include your full name and address in the email.